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Her Philosophy


During her training the subsequent years, she developed judgment and absorbed techniques from a variety of sources. Dr. Tzamantaki was excited about learning the mastery of surgery, especially for those whose skill to teach was innovative. The selection of proper surgical candidate is the foundation of the principle for the perfect Aesthetic Surgery.

Surgeons who have minimal selection standards are willing to operate on everyone, even if it is contraindicated. Every surgeons work is defined by the results. Conversely Dr. Tzamantaki’s surgical plan must be in correspondence with the goals and desires of her patient and must be confident that she will achieve the results intended for the patient.  Their goals must be the same, if they are not Dr. Tzamantaki communicate honestly effectively and respectfully with her patients. That is her responsibility, therefore she finds herself declining to perform surgery more often than she’s accepting. As wisdom and experience intersected along her surgical path, it was clear that not all patients are appropriate candidates for surgery.  This was not an easy realization. Saying “No I don’t feel that I can help you obtain your appearance you want”.

The art of precision and meticulous is a mental state developed by a surgeon over the years. It is essential for developing a surgical plan that achieves the desired results.

“I have come to appreciate the fact that artistic perfection seems to be a separately developed skill. It consists of myriad components, such as proficiency, aptitude, ability, competence and dexterity, yet not all surgeons possess this innate confluence of skill.”  


“In my training period, I encountered brilliant surgeons from institutions of high academic renown. Not all surgeons were gifted thought, the majority were phenomenal teachers and others only for innovative research results. Artistic perfection does not seem to be based upon intellect or intelligence or even where one has been trained. Specialty certification measures certain training competency levels, but it is not a hallmark of artistic perfection. Aesthetic Surgery is the surgery of excellence and doesn’t seem connected to any collection of specific traits. Clearly artistic perfection alone will not give you a degree, as there’s more needed for performing a surgery than merely having “great hands” and “concept of beauty view”.


 “Keeps them Guessing”

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