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On the Creation of Beauty

“The artistic creation of a natural and beautiful face

is one my most satisfying and gratifying  realizations”.

By Dr. Elena Tzamantaki 



I initially review a woman’s aesthetic “facial frame”. The facial frame consists of many subtle, such as skin and hair quality, eyebrow color and density as well as neck and neckline condition and finally the aging process on the hands.

The “facial frame” is the holistic point of view It is extremely important for achieving our excellent results. I take in consideration the holistic image of the facial frame. The next step is the cosmetic surgical planning. Like an architect whose first “step is to design the quality foundations”, I prepare a detailed and customized plan based on the unique needs, anatomical features and tissue quality of the patient. I evaluate the angles, curves and contours of facial features which includes size, proportions. Only after this detailed planning I use my creativity, my eyes and my hands in order to sculpt a more youthful, beautiful and natural face.

I have been fortunate enough to have mastered the gift of creative artistry from world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Andreas Foustanos, one of the first students of Ivo Pitangui. The search for knowledge on my part continues from other recognized artists in Paris and New York. These surgeons are universally recognized and have trained me to expand my capabilities beyond technical aspect so that I can incorporate aesthetic artistry into my procedures. As a female surgeon and after more than 10 years of experience, I treated some of the most recognized faces in my country and I take pride in providing the highest quality of care with excellent results. My first priority has always been patient and safety. With my operating staff, I ‘ve created a consistently safe, pain free and comfortable environment for our patients before, during and after surgery. My staff and I, are here to assist you with any questions you may have.


Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

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