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Breast Reconstruction with Fat Grafting

Transferring fat is widely common in order to reconstruct the breasts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. It can also be very effective in correcting the size and shape of the breasts due to genetic problems such as tuberous breasts or Poland Syndrome, two conditions that results in misshapen or underdeveloped breasts.

When a woman undergoes a surgery for breast cancer she can expect to experience the removal of some or all of her breast tissue. For many of those women an important part of their recovery and reclamation of their normal life is achieved by breast reconstruction. And whether it is performed as part of the original cancer surgery or after her cancer treatment has been completed, breast reconstruction by using fat grafting enhances the shape of the breast, producing natural and attractive results using the material most compatible with a woman’s body: her own fat cells.


  • Breast augmentation
  • Tuberous breast correction
  • Poland Syndrome correction


  • Post lumpectomy – during a secondary surgery – fat can be injected into the divot that resulted from the oncological surgeon removing unhealthy tissue.
  • Post mastectomy and One-Stage Breast Reconstruction – during a secondary fat can be injected around the breast implant to give patients a fuller, more natural look.

When a patient desires fat transfer for breast reconstruction, with the patient’s input the doctor chooses a donor site, usually tummy, thighs or flanks (love handles). The fat is then removed from the area with a special liposuction technique that prevents the living fat cells from being destroyed. The suctioned fluids are processed into pure fat, which can be selected to create higher enriched stem cell concentrations. Stem cell have unique rejuvenating features, can enhance both the healing and beauty of your final result and are always recommended when the breast has been radiated.

Our Breast Specialist doctors then skillfully and meticulously inject hundreds of tiny individual fat droplets into the breast site, using an instrument called cannula. This technique prevents bleeding from the small vessels and around the tissue, therefore prevents death of the transferred fat cells (fat necrosis). The fat is then incorporated within the existing matrix of adipose (fat) tissue and the breast enlarge “naturally”.


Striving to provide the best breast reconstruction surgery with fat grafting, Dr. Tzamantaki’s consultation is a turning point for every patient’s journey. After learning about the patient’s personal goals, she then reviews her “aesthetic profile” gathering anatomical information to determine the best course of action. This information includes the anatomy of, not only breasts, but also the entire body, allowing her to visualize the correct proportions. At this point she will map out a comprehensive treatment plan and make that plan a reality. It is an exciting time, for both doctor and patient.  

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never fully relate the procedure to your body and your need for breast reconstruction with fat grafting. During a consultation with our expert breast team, your breast revision and reconstruction surgery education goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience. Our team of surgeons is known for proposing you the best option for achieving the desired aesthetic results.

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