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Tuberous Breast

Tuberous breasts (sometimes called tubular breasts), occur when the breast is constricted at the base as it develops. The smaller the base, causes the breast tissue to push forward and sometimes down. Very often a tuberous breast has herniated tissue, pushing it against the areola, causing it to bulge or enlarge. A higher than usual, inframammary fold (where the breast attaches to the chest wall) is also likely to be present and that will further impair the tube-like shape. It is worth mentioning that breast implants are only one of the many procedures used to correct this condition. Other solutions in the operating room includes breast lift and fat grafting breast augmentation.

It’s not uncommon for women to be self-conscious or uncomfortable about their tuberous breasts. It can be difficult for them to find bras that are comfortable. These women also avoiding intimacy, so that they will not show their breasts, to their partners. In severe cases tuberous breasts can be truly disfiguring. Fortunately, breast specialist surgeons, offer a number of precise techniques to correct tuberous breasts and can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own body. The first step in correcting tuberous breasts and enchasing your look is to determine the ideal breast size for you. Dr. Tzamantaki will work closely with you to make this essential decision. In some cases, correcting surgery of tuberous breast asymmetry may be covered in part by your insurance company. Before surgery our team will verify your benefits to see if your insurance plan provides coverage.


To help you prepare and understand what to expect from tuberous breast surgery, the doctor will explain the process in details during your personal consultation and pre-surgery appointments. A summary of the process and a brief explanation of various incision techniques, will also be described at that time.

Essentially Dr. Tzamantaki and her team performs tuberous breast correction surgery, through a small incision in the lower part of the breast, usually at the bottom edge of the areola or more often in the inframammary fold. That allows them to access both breasts in order to make an incision, releasing constricted breast tissue and placing an implant or Reshaping the breast. These incisions allow the doctor to “unroll” the breasts so that it extends in the correct position, which extends the base of the breasts creating a pocket for the proper placement of the implant and raises the nipple position. The nipple area (areola) will also be adjusted for balance and symmetry.

Dr. Tzamantaki will thoroughly evaluate your specific needs, making specific recommendations and working closely with you, prior to surgery, to ensure that you have understood what to expect and what the end results of the procedure will be.


 The first two days after your surgery you will have to be at home. You will wear a comfortable surgery bra that has adjustable straps. You will be in pain medication during this period and take antibiotics for a few days. The post-op period is in fact pain free, but it is very important to avoid exercise and other strenuous activities for the first three weeks. If your work involves a lot of moving of your upper body, take the entire first week, off.

Dr. Tzamantaki insists that all patients have to undergo a six-month scar treatment after surgery in order to minimize any scar left and have the best healing possible. The breasts need approximately two months to fully heal and take their final shape. The final result will be normal shaped breasts without the tube-like shape they had before surgery.


 Dr. Tzamantaki’s consultation is a turning point for every patient’s cosmetic journey. After learning about the patient’s personal goals, she will review her “aesthetic profile”, gathering anatomical information to determine the best course of action, in order to provide her the best nipple correction. After that, she will map out a treatment plan and make that plan a reality. It is an exciting time, for both doctor and patient.

 By Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

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