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Noose is a very important feature of the overall attractiveness and “personality” of the face. Also, it usually reflects the ethnicity, linking  to the family’s roots and ancestry.

However, few people are born with a perfectly shaped nose that is optimally balanced with the rest of their facial features. If someone doesn’t like with the way her/his nose is, the lack of confidence can affect entire life. It is very common to feel withdrawn, anxious or even depressed, because of the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty is perhaps one of the most challenging and most sensitive surgeries performed. In fact, in the “facial aesthetic frame”, the nose plays a dominant role!

With the right rhinoplasty, the confidence can be gained  giving natural results so that, even patient’s  family will not be able to trace the source of the change. This is the hallmark of a well – executed natural approach to nasal shaping. It is often a life changing operation, giving patient greater self confidence and an overall better quality of life.


Therefore,  rhinoplasty is a complicated and challenging operation that should be executed only by the most qualified plastic surgeons. Every time the central feature of the face is modified, it affects the rest of the face. Excellent technique and a detail-oriented approach are crucial to avoid under – or over – correction. While a consultation with Dr. Tzamantaki will ultimately determine the candidacy, you can peruse the following issues that will effectively be corrected with a Rhinoplasty:

  • Improve the appearance of the  nose
  • Create natural looking balance among the facial features.
  • Treat a birth defect, broken nose or deformed nose as a result of trauma
  • Correct problems that affect breathing function, for ex. a deviated septum.

Following the initial consultation, Dr. Tzamantaki’s surgical plan will be decided accordingly, with consideration to the goals and desires of her patient and she will achieve the much needed result. If Dr. Tzamantaki accepts to go through with the particular rhinoplasty, it is because her vast surgical experience has taught her that she can truly and sincerely help patient  get the desired results. During the consultation with Dr. Tzamantaki, the patient’s  knowledge, will go beyond general information and will become a personalized experience. With her exceptional good taste, she will assess the best options for you.


“Before planning a surgical procedure, I initially review my patient’s facial frame, which contains their key aspects of beauty, such as skin, hair quality, eyebrow color and density, along with the neck and neckline condition. Obviously, I do not exclude the aging process from it. I utilize a comprehensive facial analysis to map out effective, holistic treatment plans, which may include appropriate skin care products and/or injectable and laser treatments, as well. Only through this process, we can achieve guaranteed and irresistible results”.

  By Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

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