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If you are a man with feminine – looking breasts, you are not the only one. Gynecomastia is a medical term derived from the Greek words for “woman-like breasts” and affects many men. Enlarged breasts can be permanent, uncomfortable, socially and psychologically devastating, but they can be removed through breast reduction surgery.

During your consultation, we will help you feel comfortable by analyzing your goals and expectations and Dr. Tzamantaki will assess your existing anatomy to determine the cause of your breast enlargement. Male breasts may be formed from fatty tissue and/or glandular tissue. If gynecomastia surgery is right for you it will be performed on “Iatriko Hospital” under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The procedure can last from one to three hours depending on the extend and type of correction. Surgery may require:


If your gynecomastia is primarily caused by fatty tissue your surgeon may recommend an advanced “Vaser Lipo”procedure. Using instinctive technique and advanced technologies Dr. Tzamantaki will shape a perfect curve on the chest area. This is not the traditional Liposuction, with “Vaser Lipo” High-Def Liposculpture, every detail is perfectly and meticulously designed not only to remove fat, but also to tighten the skin, refine and contour musculature.

Why be great, when you can be exceptional?

High Definition body contouring can give you the most admired body or fix any imperfections. Using this type of technology, you can go for work immediately after two days without any discomfort or bruising.


If your gynecomastia is the result of a glandular disorder, liposuction alone is not likely to be adequate. Traditional surgical excision is the right option for you always by combining it with the High-Def Liposculpture. The incision typically is placed on the edge of the areola (nipple area) and in the majority of these cases, only on the half part of areola. Through these small incisions Dr. Tzamantaki cuts away the excess glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breasts.

Following your breast reduction, the post-op period is painless and there is swelling only for a few days. You must wear a special garment for three weeks, but you can immediately return to your job on the 3rd day post-op.

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