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Mid Face non surgical

The MID FACE area is the first feature to give away your age. Hollow and tired eyes are immediately reconstructed in a more natural and refreshed look. The treatment is painless, takes only half an hour and it’s incredible how it can instantly create a more youthful appearance. Dr. Tzamantaki has sculpted thousands of faces achieving thrilled results. Our patients are font of her amazing skills. In our office this is an everyday procedure. In years of experience Doctor has made patients happier with her “magic touch” that takes away years of tired and aged looking eyes. The Mid Face area immediately gives your eyes that youthful sparkle that is like a “live Photoshop”.

The result lasts at least for three years and if you choose this treatment in the right time you will never have the necessity to undergo in a lower blepharoplasty.

It is necessary to make the so called “touch up” after no less than one to one and half years. The products that Dr. Tzamantaki uses are different types of Restylane and/or Juvederm. It is specialized for different parts of the face depending on the patient’s needs. With this sculpting, we can use our own fat (the so-called Nano Fat Graft) or materials for restoring the so sensitive Mid Face area, that gives absolutely predictable results. Only that way she can provide magical excellent results.


Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure with computer simulation 3D VECTRA XT. This advanced technology can help you and your surgeon determine the best approach in order to create the results you desire.


Dr. Tzamantaki will help you choose the procedure or combination of procedures that will meet your expectations at the initial consultation.

“The artistic creation of a natural and fresher face is one of my most satisfying and gratifying realization”

 Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

 Before planning a surgical procedure or combination technique I initially review my patients aesthetic facial frame. It is comprised of many subtle, but also very important aspects of beauty and natural look. I utilize a comprehensive facial analysis to map out effective, holistic, harmonic treatment plan which may include appropriate skin care products, injectables and laser treatments. Only with this catholic mode we can achieve effective and reliable irresistible results.

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