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High Def Liposuction

While we’ve all heard the term liposuction, many of us actually misunderstand its primary purpose. Even though, some surgeons may say otherwise, liposuction is not a method of weight loss. It is a precise procedure of contouring the body. When performed well, liposuction has a remarkable ability to deliver improved proportions and a slimmer silhouette. Rather than performing liposuction as a single trouble spot, Dr. Tzamantaki addresses the body as a whole, allowing her to ensure consistently natural and beautiful results.


Stubborn fat deposit, that will not respond to diet and exercise is often hereditary. For these patients, liposuction is the only treatment that will permanently eliminate unsightly bulges on the thighs, hips waistline or abdomen. Other areas with fat deposit that are resistant to reduction efforts are the calves, inside the knees, upper arm and under the chin.

Dr. Elena Tzamantaki has perfected 3D & High-Def Liposuction and she can sculpt, define, shape and contour a flawless body. She can create the perfect curve or sculpt and define a six pack. This is not the traditional liposuction. With High-Def liposuction “Vaser Lipo”, every detail is perfectly and meticulously designed, not only to remove the fat, but also to tighten the skin. Furthermore, it can refine and contour musculature and rid cellulite to create a shining result. Sculpting the body, requires artistic perception as well as surgical experience. Obtaining the best Liposuction, depends on choosing a plastic surgeon with surgical skill, aesthetic taste and advanced technologies like HD “Vaser Lipo” and Thermi Tight. She helps her patients decide on cosmetic surgery through a process of education combined with here assessment of the best way to accomplish the patient’s goals.


Dr. Tzamantaki’s years of experience allows her to provide her patients with an overview of the process, beginning with an in – depth consultation covering patients concerns and goals, contouring with an anatomical assessment and concluding with her recommendations. 

Her recommendations address the entire body, not simply focusing on one part but visualizing how the procedure will affect proportion and balance. During the consultation process Dr. Tzamantaki encourage her patients to ask question and share their innermost whishes so that she can relate what liposuction can accomplish in relation to those wishes. A well she won’t proceed with any procedure that she doesn’t truly  feel is in the best interest of her patient.

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