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Lip Reshaping & Augmentation

A TAILORED APPROACH: It takes skills, experience, intensive training and a highly tailored approach to produce results that blend in, as a natural extension of you.

Natural luscious full lips are eye-catching! Whether you were born with full lips, thin lips or you’ve lost the fullness due to the aging factor, we can help you get juicy, NATURAL looking, luscius lips.

“I often find myself in a difficult position to correct distorted lips from other doctors or other “physicians”. This tremendous problem with unnatural awful shaped lips should stop it, all around world. There is only one way, educating people about the permanent distortions of their lips. When patients with malpractice come to me, it is very difficult and often cannot be repaired. Do not try to find cheaper treatments, do not try something because your friends suggested it, do not trust unreliable “Physician” and “Doctors”! Be very careful, making the right decisions for your health and your image”

                                             By Dr. Elena Tzamantaki

 Trust your face to a true expert and a true artist. Natural results require full assessment of the facial features and contours with a complete understanding of your true desires.


While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never be fully related to your facial needs. During a consultation with Dr. Tzamantaki, your education goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience.


To find out more about “Medical Beauty Suite” treatments in  our Clinic of Excellence “Plasis” or the cosmetic surgery procedures contact us: 2108940930


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