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Non invasive Rhinoplasty


Millions are spent each year on plastic surgery for Rhinoplasty alone. Your nose plays an important role in the overall attractiveness, personality and character of your face.

Non-surgical nose reshaping with Derma Fillers, can be used to alter small problems and asymmetries as well as restoring the appearance of the nose, giving you the shape you desire, without the need for surgery. This is not the solution to every case, but it does have amazing results for those cases indicated for non-surgical Rhinoplasty. Results whilst not permanent, are immediate and there is no downtime needed with this technique.

Dr. Tzamantaki is a Facial Sculptor, in your consultation she will give you the best option, suited for your face. Regardless the severity of your nose restoring, the balance and the natural look of your features can boost self-confidence and the overall satisfaction with your appearance.

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