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Insurance Coverage

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries mostly take place under your request, not because you are sick or you are in danger for your life. They are done so you can improve aesthetic issues that you might have inherited and are part of your DNA or simply because we don’t age gracefully. Aesthetic plastic surgeries are universally not covered by insurance companies nor Medicare. There are some cases though, that your insurance plan might cover your plastic surgery.

These are:

  • Problems that you are born with and cause major issues in your quality of life, for example deviated nasal septum, cleft lip, cleft palate, several malformations of the visceral skull, in the arms or the legs, Poland syndrome and more. The list goes on and on.
  • Every reconstructive plastic surgery that is needed after a trauma or a burn, for the proper use of the face and the body, for example capsular after-burn scars in the arms etc. Thelistislonghere, aswell.
  • In some extreme cases of pathological obesity and bariatric patients.
  • Surgical issues that cause serious problems in everyday life, like drooping eyelids and/or sagging eyelids (where the patient cannot even see properly) and many more.
  • Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Also, in skin sparing mastectomy with one stage breast reconstruction or in a subsequent time.
  • In every case of “suspicious” moles, warts or malignant formulation, in every possible part of the human body that need to be surgically removed. It is especially important is that the malignant moles, melanomas etc, in the face or in the cervix, are removed.

Your insurance plan is of great importance. There are some insurance companies, for example, that will only insure you for a skin cancer surgery procedure performed only by a General Surgeon. Other companies, they will insure you if the same procedure is performed by a Dermatologist!

As you can tell, this is completely irrational end extremely illegal! A dermatologist is not approved to perform any surgical procedure and don’t even think about reconstruction!

You must be extra careful when choosing your insurance company and personal insurance plan.


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