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Face Lift


The Miracle Face Lift is not a simple procedure or something that can be easily taught to others. Dr. Tzamantaki, as the perfectionist she is, wants to be certain that each patient gets the best face lift results possible. In her opinion, “What has changed in Plastic Surgery over the years is not the anatomy itself, but the understanding of the aging – sagging anatomy”. The Miracle Face Lift is indeed a result of the scientific advances that has been increased by Dr. Tzamantaki’ s understanding of sagging and atrophic anatomy of the face and her ability to create a natural “no touch or plastic” result. That makes her capable of delivering a face lift that “Keeps them guessing”!!!


Being a pioneer among Dr. Tzamantaki’s surgical advances, the Miracle Lift is the next major thing in facial aesthetics for stunning, graceful and amazing results in cosmetic surgery, in the Athenian Riviera and all over Europe that people can trust and rely on. With her wide expertise, she can reduce the extra skin and sagging tissue, according to each of her patients’ need. She does not compromise the patient’s hairline, avoiding a pulled back or “face mask” unnatural look. The scars are visually invisible. With her unique technique, Dr. Tzamantaki not only improves her patient’s appearance but she also hides any “footprint” of plastic surgery, while giving a Face Lift with irresistible Natural Results.


Dr. Tzamantaki has developed the Miracle Face Lift, in order to take facial plastic surgery to the next level. She is a true artist in removing years of stress and sun exposure off you, in order to reveal a refreshed and much younger version of her patient. The results must alwaysbe discrete and untraceable, so that no one can guess that a plastic surgeon is part of it.


While Dr. Tzamantaki will ultimately determine if the Miracle Lift is right for you, the sketch below will help you out, with some self-analysis. If you see yourself, with one or more of the following, you may be suitable for this exclusive procedure and the Miracle Face Lift is addressed to you.



A world class, safe and secure Face Lift not only will boost your self-esteem but it might give you career opportunities that may not have been available otherwise. Reducing signs of aging through face lift surgery, will give you a competitive edge in life that your younger rivals already have. Dr. Tzamantaki is proud, regarding the fact that her patients have achieved personal and professional success without worries about any aging signs.


Atrophy is a natural side effect of aging. Enhancing the volume and the contouring of the face can be “artistically” achieved without any recovery time and providing with visible aging changes. Dr. Tzamantaki uses a mixture stem cell and/or the best quality of fillers, which are injected for achieving 3D Volume Reconstructionof the facial volume loss.


Dr. Tzamantaki explains how her exclusive Miracle Lift is defined by its unique characteristics. The procedures needed, are customized especially for your face because a “Passe-Partout technique”, does not exist! Many, small, individual procedures are taking place, rather than a large, extensive procedure. Extra measures of care are taken, to make sure that any scars made during the surgical procedures, are tiny and invisible. The procedures that are used in a Miracle Face Lift, allow for all patients to heal quickly.

Undisputedly, the results of the Miracle Lift are unique! It will refresh and open up the eyes, elevate the cheeks and provide youthful contouring to the jaw line and neck. Following your initial consultation, Dr. Tzamantaki’s surgical plan will be decided accordingly, with consideration to the goals and desires of her patient and she will achieve the much needed result. While many plastic surgeons determine the appropriate candidate, simply by a patient’s willingness to pay, Dr. Tzamantaki has a particular surgical philosophy. With her exceptional sense of charisma and good taste, she will provide you with the best. Her vast experience has taught her that not all patients are proper candidates for surgery. If Dr. Tzamantaki accepts you for the Miracle Face Lift, you can undoubtedly expect the best of Natural Results in Face Lift.

“The artistic creation of a natural and beautiful

Face, is one of my most satisfying

and gratifying realizations”

                                                                                                       Dr. Elena Tzamantaki



Once your initial consultation is complete and Dr. Tzamantaki has evaluated your facial frame and still considers you a viable candidate for The Miracle Facelift, she will begin to plan the process that allows her to create a healthier and much younger you! The process begins with the doctor, thoroughly examining the curves and angles of your facial features, as well as the proportions. She will then prepare a detailed and customized plan, based on your unique needs and goals. Throughout this extensive process, Dr. Tzamantaki’s top priority will be to create a surgical plan that not only will ensure your safety during the procedure but to also achieve an exquisite outcome.


Only after this detailed planning process is completed, Dr. Tzamantaki will use her creative handiwork, along with her unique skills, to sculpt a more youthful, harmonious and extremely natural face.  She will not stop, until perfection has been achieved! You can rest assured that you will wake up having received the best face lift there is. Dr. Tzamantaki has achieved incredible results by using not only her technical skills, but also by her natural gift as an artist.  She will enhance your facial features and address the cosmetic imperfections that concern you most, like no other.


“Before planning a surgical procedure, I initially review my patient’s facial frame, which contains their key aspects of beauty, such as skin, hair quality, eyebrow color and density, along with the neck and neckline condition. Obviously, I do not exclude the aging process from it. I utilize a comprehensive facial analysis to map out effective, holistic treatment plans, which may include appropriate skin care products and/or injectable and laser treatments, as well. Only through this process, we can achieve guaranteed and irresistible results”.

          By Dr. Elena Tzamantaki


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