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Non Surgical Breast/ Buttocks Reshaping

One of the latest trends in cosmetic plastic surgery enhancements involve using non-surgical breast and buttocks augmentation, instead of a more expensive breast or buttocks surgery with implants. These are minimally invasive cosmetic treatments by using injectable hyaluronic acid, especially for the body (like Hyalcorp)/ polygalactic acid (like Sculptra) to enlarge, enhance and reshape breasts and/or buttocks.

Hyaluronic Acid & Poly-L-Lactic for Body  HYALCORP – SCULPTRA

Non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments enjoy positive reviews from the patients of cosmetic surgeons, who can perform them. The reviews of non-surgical augmentations on the buttocks and the breasts are not 100% positive. That dissatisfaction comes primarily from people with unrealistic expectations and patients who choose inexperienced cosmetic practitioners who enhance or augment breasts and buttocks unevenly, resulting in imbalance and misshape. Multiple problems sometimes can occur with inappropriate materials or with non-approved cosmetic surgery doctors. Most woman are satisfied with the results, praise the simplicity of non-surgical techniques and appreciate the “instant enhancement” that these techniques can provide. When it comes to the breast tissue, it is absolutely important to be careful and not provoke future problems on your general health.

We have Special Hyaluronic acid, only for the body, in our disposal for augmentation, reshape and enhancement of the buttocks and breasts. Hyalcorp is a special product, approved by CE and FDA for achieving “instant results”. The results cannot last for more than two years, but you can always repeat these natural-looking and safe procedure. Sculptra is another material by Poly-L-Lactic acid, especially designed for giving the desired reshaping results to the breasts and buttocks, for at least three years.

While independent research is helpful for educational purposes, it will never be fully related to you. During a consultation with Dr. Tzamantaki your education goes beyond general information and becomes a personalized experience.


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