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Face & Neck Lift

For your Neck and Face Lift, at our Athenian Riviera Clinic, the techniques that will be used, are much more sophisticated than were in the past. When performed properly, a Neck or a Face Lift can have a profound anti-aging effect that makes you look like a younger version of yourself with natural-looking results. Dr. Tzamantaki, can follow a broad approach on facial surgery that addresses not only the skin issues, but also the underlying muscle fat and fascia, in order to create a more natural-looking result and longer-lasting changes.


Why let the years that have passed by, give away your age? Growing older does not mean that you should look older. The years that have passed by and the stressful lives that we live, are working against our good health and create wrinkles and saggy skin on the cheeks, jaw line and the neck. You might be surprised to learn how many people across the globe (and the nation) have rejuvenatedtheir face and have “well-hidden” years from their look with a face lift surgery that“Lets the others guessing”.

A face lift or rhytidectomy, improves the appearance of the lower two-third of the face by tightening saggy facial muscles, smoothing wrinkly skin and removing excess fat. This procedure is often combined with a neck lift, for a better result under the chin. The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, but it can also be performed using local anesthesia and sedation. Face lift surgery usually takes up to two to four hours to be completed, depending of course on the extent of the damage on your skin and tissue.


Visualize the results that can be achieved from your procedure with high tech computer simulation by using the 3D VECTRA XT . This advanced technology can help you and your surgeon, to determine the best approach in order to create the results you crave for.

A Face Lift surgery provides long lasting results that will apply up to ten years. Our patients often find that by regaining their youthful look, they are enhancing their self-esteem, as well as their appearance. Unfortunately, this procedure can not reverse the natural aging process. Factors such as skin elasticity, exposure to the sun and lifestyle choices (including smoking and weight changes), can affect the longevity of your results.

Many of our patients decide to combine their face lift procedure with other Facial Sculpting procedures, such as:

  • Brow Lift
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty

Patients with less developed wrinkling and sagging can sometimes benefit by using the less invasive Mini Lift approach, which involves smaller incisions and quicker recovery. The 3D VECTRA XT can help you determine which combination of procedures will achieve your goals, by creating a personalized simulation of your results from various treatments.


As we age, our face and neck are affected in different ways. Some people develop wrinkling and sun damage on their entire face and neck. Some people seem to lose facial fat, while others accumulate fat on the neck and maintain a good skin tone. Others may also develop more exaggerated signs of aging on their neck.

Our patients know that in our Clinic of Excellence “Plasis”, Neck Lift surgery can provide immediate results, especially when combined with the other facial rejuvenation advanced procedures that we offer.

The benefits of a Neck Lift surgery include:

  • Removing loose, saggy skin from under the chin
  • Correcting visible vertical bands on the neck
  • Eliminating areas of fat from under the skin (double chin) and on the neck
  • Creating a smooth, youthful-looking neck

Dr. Tzamantaki usually performs neck lift surgery as an outpatient procedure in our surgical suite, using local anesthesia. Loose skin is pulled up and back and is finally removed. Neck muscles are often tightened, as well. The incisions are hidden inconspicuously behind the ears. The result is an enhanced, beautiful neck and a clear jaw line improvement.


In addition to neck lift surgery, we also offer neck rejuvenation procedures that can be performed individually or combined, in order to maximize the outcome.

  • Fat deposits on the neck can be removed with liposuction through tiny injections, placed behind the ears and under the chin.
  • For younger patients with less advanced sagging tissue, Thermage CPTTM can be used to firm and tighten up the skin on the neck.
  • Neck muscles can be tighten by using endoscopic surgery, performed through a small incision that is done underneath the chin.


Your doctor will help you choose the procedure, or combination of procedures, that will best meet your goals during the initial consultation.

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